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  1. BRAMMOTO: I may be a little premature here. Mine has an expected ship date next month. It's very hard to wait.
  2. KimchiMG: Happy to have you @BRAMMOTO!
  3. SoCalEddie: Hello!
  4. : Great forum and will be around!
  5. KimchiMG: Saying hi from the San Francisco area! :p
  6. Walt Muller: Awesome new forum. Looking forward to seeing it grow!
  7. : Linked a service manual for 1987-2002 XRV750 Africa Twins in the legacy models forum. Enjoy!
  8. SoCalEddie: @BRAMMOTO Welcome to the HATRIDERS community! Really glad you're with us. Looking forward to seeing you with your new Africa Twin in the near future!
  9. : @BRAMMOTO Welcome! Can't wait to see your new Africa Twin. :)
  10. SoCalEddie: Happy 4th of July to all!
  11. SoCalEddie: @Ken B. Trying to find something for us too. Google maps for the win in the mean time...
  12. Ken B.: Thanks for the welcome everyone!
  13. SoCalEddie: Looking forward to hearing about your adventures @Ken B.
  14. : Pacific Northwest for the win! @Ken B.
  15. DirtDrone: Hi everyone! Happy to be here. :)
  16. SoCalEddie: Welcome to our small but growing community @DirtDrone!
  17. : welome @DirtDrone!
  18. : Hey @Ken B. Recently saw your post about maps. I'm looking into Rever at the moment and testing it out. I have the same issue.
  19. : @Ken B. I believe @SoCalEddie mentioned that Honda and Rever recently partnered up. Hopefully this partnership brings some good mapping features.
  20. Walt Muller: Happy to have you @BRAMMOTO!