Luggage for commuters?

Discussion in 'CRF1000L Luggage and Carriers' started by Walt Muller, May 25, 2017.

  1. Hey HATRIDERS community,

    Recently picked up an Africa Twin in the beautiful red color and very happy with it. I've been commuting about 35 miles round trip with it and curious if you guys can offer any recommendations for luggage/carriers.

  2. Hi Walt! To put things in context before I recommend luggage and my experience with luggage has been minimal so I'll try my best.

    I commute about 30 miles round trip in Los Angeles. The weather is mild all year round with chances of rain during the winter months. After much deliberation between hard and soft carriers I decided to opt for a soft carrier and went with the Mosko Backcountry 30l duffle pack. I've been extremely happy with it but would definitely consider bigger/hard carriers for long trips.